Agile Lean Europe 2023 Vilnius!

Agile Lean Europe 2023 Vilnius!


Agile Lean Europe 2023 Vilnius!

ALE’23 is coming to Vilnius!

As Vilnius celebrates its 700 year anniversary, we thought it is a perfect opportunity to follow the footsteps of our Grand Duke Gediminas and invite the artisans from all over the Europe to Co-create the better future for our craft.

If you currently practice or are interested in learning about Agile and Lean thinking, we invite you to join us at the ALE’23 Unconference on August 23rd-25th in Vilnius.

In addition to our main ALE Unconference event, we also invite you to join pre-ALE Workshops on August 22nd and post-ALE Retreat on August 26th-27th.

Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network purpose is to spread ideas and promote the collective understanding of Agile and Lean thinking throughout Europe. By bringing together diverse perspectives and fostering cross-border exchange it allows beautiful results to emerge.

Can’t wait to join forces and co-create ALE’23 with all of you!


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