06/15 Meetup: Case Study: OKR implementation for an Estonian Tech Company – Breakwater Technologies

06/15 Meetup: Case Study: OKR implementation for an Estonian Tech Company – Breakwater Technologies


06/15 Meetup: Case Study: OKR implementation for an Estonian Tech Company – Breakwater Technologies

Useful resources:

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Examples of various OKR structures and breakdown: https://oboard.io/blog/okr-alignment-…

More features listed here: https://oboard.io/okr-board-for-Jira

In this meetup speakers will talk about leveraging OKRs to promote transparency and clear reporting in organizations and go through the case of implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) at an Estonian tech company „Breakwater” that helped to:

  • Establish structured company-wide (100+ employees) goal-setting process
  • Enable strong alignment towards company goals between 13 chapters
  • Move from output- to outcome-based results evaluation
  • Easily integrate defining, tracking, and evaluating OKRs in the teams’ daily work using Oboard (OKRs software)

This presentation will be presented by two speakers:

  • Viktor Grekov is a CEO and co-founder at Oboard (OKR Board for Jira & Salesforce), with over 12 years of IT industry experience in product management and organizational transformation. Leveraging his extensive expertise, Viktor has accelerated clients’ understanding of their business needs and the ever-evolving OKR market landscape. His primary focus lies in assisting organizations in achieving their strategic goals and for that he created OKR Board for Jira and Salesforce. With a background in both technical and product management domains, Viktor drives the transition of innovative OKR solutions from the realm of research and development to the market, embodying the essence of an OKR evangelist. During his leisure time, he finds joy in hiking and embarking on road trips, all while continuously exploring opportunities for software improvements.
  • Dmytro Yarmak is a Certified Facilitator, Coach, and experienced Agile expert. Dmytro has a proven track record of excellence in the management consulting industry, particularly within the frameworks of SAFe, Scrum, and OKR. His extensive professional journey spans 14 years in the IT sector, with a solid foundation in software development. Over the past decade, Dmytro demonstrated dynamic leadership across more than 30 teams based in Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, and Italy.
    Dmytro served in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, where he was entrusted as a company lead for 150 individuals. This experience significantly shaped his leadership style and fortified capacity to handle complex situations and challenges.
    Currently, Dmytro is leveraging his diverse professional experience and expertise in expanding consultancy business across Europe, with a primary focus on promoting agility, efficiency, and growth for his clients.

The event will be broadcasted through:

Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81092689609?pwd=OVpFVEp4QXhZeGg4dXFmRjAxYUtYQT09
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@AgileLietuva

The meetup will be held in English, so agilists from all over the world are very much welcome to attend!

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