Online meetup. How to make OKRs Lean Again

Online meetup. How to make OKRs Lean Again


Online meetup. How to make OKRs Lean Again

OKRs are a goal-setting, strategy execution tool that involves setting ambitious goals that lead to measurable results. The thing is, over the years, OKRs have gotten too complicated – they need to be put on a diet – and that’s where Lean OKRs step in. They are hyper-focused on one single OKR to rule all others. Often, OKRs are not set up for success and thus tossed aside.

There are four (and a half) common reasons why your OKRs aren’t working. Among them, the importance of finding a rhythm for making OKRs part of your way of working, leading teams with trust, and getting the foundation in place so teams aren’t running before they learn how to walk.

Workshop facilitator – Bart den Haak

Bart den Haak is the founder and CEO of “Moving the Needle,” helping tech companies to define their most critical Objectives. He is an experienced expert in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and has more than 10 years of experience in applying OKRs and training professionals. He has advised executive teams all over the world including Nike, ING, BinckBank (part of SaxoBank), Mural, Jampp, Mambu, Backbase, and to use OKRs to their advantage.

Bart specializes in Lean and Agile (software) teams to strengthen their current way of working with his revolutionary goal-setting methodology: Lean OKRs. With his background in software engineering and Agile Product Development, he is positioned well to advise SaaS companies and their leaders on changing the way they operate for the better.

Bart has recently written a book “Moving the Needle with Lean OKRs” which discusses how his Lean approach to OKRs can drive innovation through behavioral changes, empowering and motivating teams, and bringing the soul back to OKRs.

Meetup date & time: 14th of December, 6:30 PM. We recommend you to join the session 5 minutes earlier (6:25 PM).

Live event will be held on ZOOM:

This meetup will be recorded and translated on Facebook Live.

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