2023/02/23 Meetup: Let’s talk (proper) Kanban

2023/02/23 Meetup: Let’s talk (proper) Kanban

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2023/02/23 Meetup: Let’s talk (proper) Kanban

Kanban has been around for quite some time. Yet, we tend seeing practitioners get into believing „it’s just a board”, or „it’s like scrum with no planning, no estimating, and fewer meetings”. This is why our team is on a quest to speak „Proper Kanban,” offering you two sessions by well-known experts.

Radek Orszewski will start the event with his topic „Kanban? What’s in there for me?„.
💬 „I’d love to present Kanban as a way of solving or at least addressing many everyday challenges we all encounter in knowledge-based work. The audience will learn about 4 common problems Kanban can help to solve. They will understand Kanban is not simply a board, or a Sprintless-Scrum, but something more deeper and useful!“ – says Radek.

And then Vidas Vasiliauskas will continue with a presentation on the topic „Arrow Kanban for a healthy backlog„.

Vidas Vasiliauskas is Co-creator of the Teamhood tool, which is designed to help non-IT teams manage projects and tasks using Agile methodologies.

🧐 Why should you tune in and listen to Vidas topic – „Arrow Kanban for a healthy backlog“?
You‘ll find out a practical example of how to apply Kanban system called arrow Kanban, to put proper quality gates for your backlog. ↗️↗️↗️

Tune in on February 23, 18:30 (GMT+2)!
👉 Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81378922160?pwd=SkhVYTE2SXVIcFVWbitEZERYbnprdz09

The meetup will be held in English, so agilists from all over the world are very much welcome to attend!

Sponsored by:
* Agile Coach is the only Agile training, consulting and certification centre in Lithuania, whose team has accumulated many years of diverse practical experience in the application of Agile and shares it during trainings and consultations.
* Oboard develops OKR Board for Jira — the #1 solution for native OKR integration into your workflow, trusted by over 2 000 companies worldwide.

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