Online workshop. Bring in some magic using visuals!

Online workshop. Bring in some magic using visuals!


Online workshop. Bring in some magic using visuals!

Online workshop. Bring in some magic using visuals!

Bringing the pen to the paper is the first step in expressing oneself as a visual practitioner. Now how can we expand on this and bring in some magic to our visuals? And what if we’re still certain that we cannot draw, how can we engage our participants by using simple visuals?

Whether we do in-person or remote work, what if we could use tips and tricks to engage deeply with the people around us, the participants of our workshops or to finetune our product development meetings?

Let’s explore this together during this hands-on collaborative session – accessible to everyone!

Workshop facilitator – Charles-Louis de Maere

“Bringing people together is something that lives on through my workshops and training. Whether they take place online or on-premise, I facilitate workshops and learning experiences that focus on high participation, on learning by doing and verifying that the concepts are integrated. I use Live Online Learning Activities to ensure people get a chance to practice their understanding of the new concepts.

What better way is there to give meaning to what we say than to draw to make our thoughts explicit? When we add visual information to what we’re saying, suddenly our intention becomes much more precise, and we can begin to work on shared understanding. This is why I love bringing people in contact with the power of Visual Thinking, of getting back to our roots and using pen and paper to bring people closer together” ,- says Charles-Louis.

Workshop date & time: 8th of November, 6PM. We recommend you to join the session 5 minutes earlier (5:55PM).

Registration to the workshop is mandatory:

Charles-Louis invites you to have in this workshop paper, a pen, scissors, and glue.

This session will not be recorded and translated on Facebook Live.

Participation in the workshop is free but you need to be registered.

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